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Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry in Moscow

Warranty 5 years in contract
All treatment is performed under a Carl Zeiss microscope
For 12 years more than 6300 happy smiles, thanks and recommendations
The financial plan drawn up at the beginning of the treatment is not changed till the end, and there are no hidden payments
Examples of our works
For 12 years we have provided more than 6300 patients with healthy and happy smiles.
What problems do we solve
Fear of pain
We use the techniques of meditative relaxation and computer anesthesia. It is considered to be the most comfortable type of anesthesia in the world.
No confidence in dentists
We focus on you when we choose treatment - by methods, finances, time.
We only have professional equipment, a microscope in the office, we do X-rays without departing from the patient's chair.
Unclear budget
We fix the final cost of treatment at the first consultation.
The doctor does not hear your wishes
We are used to being sensitive, delicate and refer to your recommendations.
Lack of sterility
100% sterilization is achieved through the system of cleaning and processing tools in several stages. Half of the materials is disposable.
Bad service
We will bring you even from the airport and take you back. We will close the clinic for private service. And we will pay the hotel for the entire treatment time.
We choose the shape, color, size and degree of transparency of the teeth with you. And we do not fix the result, until we achieve a coincidence with your expectations.
The decayed
We carry out implantation in a few minutes without incisions and stitches.
Crooked teeth
We install braces, invisible mouthguards and ceramic veneers. We solve this problem for 3 visits.
Mouth smell
Our hygienist conducts cleaning with ultrasonic nozzles, a special powder and polishes teeth with paste.
How do we work

Primary consultation

Our main goal is the transparency of the medical process. We display X-ray and 3D shots on a large screen and share with the patient their detailed analysis. Then we select the optimal treatment option with individual conditions, fix the amounts and terms, present three treatment plans. You choose the right one.

You'll get

a convenient folder with a contract, pictures and an approved treatment plan.

Therapeutic stage

We treat and cure cysts, caries, pulpitis and periodontitis under a microscope. We provide a professional hygiene and teeth whitening.

You'll get

a sanitized oral cavity with healthy teeth and gum.

Surgical stage

We remove the teeth, targeted in the plan for removal, and we carry out bone grafting, gingival plastic, implantation, periodontal treatment if necessary.

You'll get

a completely healthy oral cavity ready for restoration.

Orthopedic stage

At this stage, we choose the shape, color, size, degree of transparency of future teeth. And we close with ceramic restorations everything that has been treated, cured and restored by implants.

You'll get

beautiful healthy teeth that you wanted starting from the first stage.

Scheduled inspections

Once every 6 months we meet for a check-up, photodocumentation and professional hygiene.

You'll get

a long-term confidence in the beauty and health of your teeth, and in your dentist.

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Warranty 5 years under the contract
In Moscow, we are one of the few who gives 5 years of warranty for all types of dental services. Moreover, we know that 5 years is not the limit, so we introduced a system of annual extension of the guarantee to an indefinite one.
Dental services

Ceramic veneers without turning

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Implantation of teeth without incisions and sutures in 5 minutes

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Teeth whitening for 40 minutes

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Treatment of caries, pulpitis, cysts under a microscope

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Braces, transparent mouthguards for bite correction

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Complex prosthetics and prosthetics on implants

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Cost of services

Professional hygiene

The procedure aimed at removing dental plaque and dental calculus with a recommended periodicity of 4-6 months. Our team has a hygienist. He conducts cleaning with ultrasonic nozzles and Swiss glycine powder air-flow. And polishes teeth with polishing pastes.

от 10000


Complete restoration of shape, anatomy, color and microstructures, which is carried out under a microscope with a latex wrap - the cofferdam system. Performed when closing a tooth defect affected by caries.



We use the Beyond Polus whitening system - it's a safe cosmetic procedure that allows you to get a new smile with white teeth in half an hour. The main advantage is that harmful UV rays are completely removed by the filtration system, only a focused beam of cold light remains. This means that the sensitivity of the teeth is completely removed after the procedure.

Our methods and technologies

Modern equipment

We have Italian OMS installations. Orthopedic mattresses of premium class from Denmark with Tempur med form memory are placed on the seats, they are adjusted to the anatomy of the patient, reacting to his temperature and weight.

X-ray at the armchair

Carried out in the process of treatment. This allows you not to disassemble the working field, do not pause during treatment, do not lead the patient with an open mouth into another room.

Computer anesthesia

The fastest and most psychologically comfortable type of anesthesia. We have not used syringes and injections for a long time.

Carl Zeiss microscopes

To treat patients independently of each other, we put microscopes in each cabinet. Carl Zeiss is the world-recognized German manufacturer of optics for teeth treatment under a large zoom.

100% Sterilization

100% sterilization is achieved through a system of cleaning and processing tools in several stages. Half of the materials is disposable.

Specialists with more than 12 years of experience

We love our work and we worry about each patient. We have been working in the field of aesthetic dentistry for more than 12 years. All the time we learn despite the fact that we already know a lot. We raise the qualification not only in our country but also abroad.


Chief Physician, orthopedic dentist

Zemerova Yuliya

Therapist Doctor - endodontist

Boyev Andrey

Doctor Surgeon-implantologist

Samoylova Irina

Therapist Doctor - endodontist

Rakovich Yuliya

Doctor Dentist, orthodontist

Alexander Zharov

Chief Physician and founder of TopSmile clinic.

"I think that only with a smile you can be happy. I am very happy when I see that I am improving the life of a person which means I make him a little bit happier. "
A dentist, orthopedic surgeon with 14 years of experience. The main specialization is aesthetic prosthetics and implantation. More than 150 advanced training courses around the world. Has a medal "Honors pupil of stomatology" of the stomatological association of Russia.

Alexander Zharov

Yuliya Zemerova

Therapist Doctor - endodontist

"I wanted to be a doctor from my childhood. Today I want people to know that treatment can be without fear and pain. I love my work for getting to know new people, because there is always something to learn and to grow. Probably, that's why it has not become a routine for me so far. "
Specialist in dental treatment with a microscope. For more than 12 years she has been practicing tooth-preserving techniques, successfully cures cysts, conducts aesthetic composite restorations. Has a medal "Honors pupil of stomatology" of the stomatological association of Russia.

Yuliya Zemerova

Andrey Boev

Doctor Surgeon-implantologist

"I like to watch the result of my work arguing with nature itself."
He specializes in osteoplastic and soft tissue microsurgical operations. In 12 years of practice, I installed a little more than 5000 implants. He has 90 certificates for surgical dentistry. Actively participates in dental profile resources. Publishes his work.

Andrey Boev

Irina Samoylova

Therapist Doctor - endodontist

"A doctor is not only a profession, it is my state of mind. I like to dispel the myths about dentistry and see how the fear of the patient disappears in front of our eyes. What is the reason for me to improve myself constantly? Of course, a smile. A healthy and happy smile of the patient. "
For more than 10 years, she has been practicing tooth-preserving techniques, successfully cures cysts, conducts aesthetic composite restorations. Has a medal "Honors pupil of stomatology" of the stomatological association of Russia.

Irina Samoylova

Yuliya Rakovich

Doctor Dentist, orthodontist

"All people on Earth simply have to smile openly, laugh loudly and dream in a big way. It turns out that I help to make a small, but such an important first step towards a better life. "
Experience in the narrow specialty - more than 5 years. Actively participates in professional Internet resources. She has diplomas and certificates on basic bite correction systems.

Yuliya Rakovich
For 12 years we have made more than 6300 people happier
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Licenses and certificates
Documents that confirm that several times a year we study and improve our qualifications.

All certificates
Innovative approach in work
For these 12 years we have learned to apply the knowledge gained through courses, symposiums, master classes, trainings around the world.
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